10 Essential Gottahaves

10 Essential #Gottahaves for every woman out there from #nowstyleme! If you got these in your closet, half your battle is won!
1. A No-Fail Lip Color 👄: Some people may not think of lip color as fashion but it is! Your favorite lip color, dresses your face fast and pulls together any outfit. Go for a shade one level brighter than your natural lip or wear red,if that’s your signature💄


2. Pumps that make your legs look longer👠: Slip pumps/heels on and you stand up straighter,look ten pounds thinner and walk with a supermodel swagger. It does the trick everytime! choose nude or black closed-toe pumps with a mid to high slim heel shaped to flatter your legs and with a tapered toe.


3. A Signature Accessory 📿💍: It maybe a necklace, bracelet, earrings, watch or rings, but the minute this piece of jewelry is on, you get a flash of warmth, self assurance and happiness. It not only elevates your outfit but also your mood. Pick through your jewelry box for timeless pieces that can be worn together or independently. Feel free to mix classic, trendy , vintage or modern.


4. Dark Fitted Stretch Jeans : A lifestyle basic from East to West, who can live without at least one pair of inky blue or black Jeans? They do a great favor in following your curves and make you look slim and tall. choose a simple pair with a nice stretched spandex but zero embellishment and no huge logos or big pockets.


5. A leather Belt : A good leather belt defines your waist and hips. Loop it through your jeans or use it to cinch your dresses or jackets. A plain or slightly fancy black leather belt, one to two inches wide with simple buckle is essential.


6. A Tailored Jacket : This power piece is pivotal to your style. It sharpens your entire silhouette, hides your back fat and upgrades and elevates everything from jeans to skirts to dresses. You look leaner and fitter. Reach for a fitted ,notch collar blazer with classic (not too wide,not too skinny) lapels in black or a grey neutral.


7. Shoes You Can Run,Drive,Dance in : No matter what your style, every girl needs speedy footwear. The choice of flats, low heels, wedges, platform heels or sneakers is yours. Remember, you can always stash a pair of higher slimmer heels in your bag,car or under your desk and slip into them for meetings,dates or dinner.


8. Sunglasses : Big,fashionable sunglasses offer speedy camouflage for your no-make up days. They also buy time when your eyes are puffy or tired and pull together your entire look and make you look smart. A classic shape and size like a metal-rimmed aviator is ideal. Choose dark grey or green uv-protected lenses for driving and pale ,tinted, cosmetic lenses when you need to make eye contact.


9. A Carry-All Bag : Your ideal bag is roomy but light,with outside zippered compartments and multiple inside pockets. It should be big enough to carry a clutch inside for days when you have events or after work dates. You then can check the big bag and just carry your essentials. choose a color that works with your wardrobe theme and can handle 24/7 versatility.It can blend in or provide a dash of color to a dark or neutral wardrobe.


10. A Little Bright Dress : Idea of a confidence-boosting LBD(little black dress) is beyond basic black; its red or cobalt blue or an attention-getting vibrant color or print. Its actually a ‘little bright dress’ that adds a shot of pure style energy to your day or night. A fitted sheath, straight shift or A-line dress in a color that makes the most of your own hair,eye color and skin tone will work every time.