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Curvy is the new sexy

Sometimes we often wake up and say, ‘oh my gosh! Will I be able to fit into my favorite dress tonight for dinner?’ Or ‘oh she is so lucky that she can eat all that junk food and still look so slim.’ Now all this is a myth. If you embrace and love your body, any outfit is going to look fantastic on you! Being curvy is your asset and you need to use it positively and in your favor.

My client here wanted a few dresses that she could wear to work as well as maybe for date nights. So I styled her in body fitted dresses from H&M and Dex Clothing and made her look chic and stylish. Minimalist is her style and we stuck to that mantra and gave her simple accessories and added a black casual blazer which can be paired up with either of the dresses during work and taken off at the evening dinner.






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